We explore new territories in terroirs around the globe to discover unique wines with their own personality. We are wine hunters and  we personally select wines that stay true to their origin, that are expressive and packed with character, wines that reflect the place they came from and tell the story of their vineyard and winemaker.


With his southern hemisphere winemaking experience (South Africa), Elías López Montero keeps looking for new challenges. Due to climate change everyone is looking north, but thanks to Elias’ experience, he looked southward to Patagonia, the most southern wine region of the planet. There he found the right vineyard and winery to give shape to the project VERUM by Verum.
The collaboration agreement between López Montero and del Río Elorza families to give birth to VERUM by Verum project came to easily. Elías signed his first wine: MARÍA VICTORIA MALBEC 100% from the equally named state, other projects will follow after.


After 12 long years of making really good wines, for really nice people, Thinus Krüger decided that it is time to make some even better wines for himself. And obviously for you too. And for a whole lot of other deserving people on this planet. So if you are keen on good wines, wines that oozes personality and want to keep ahead of the Jones’s, this is the right place to be.

At Fram we’ll always sail into uncharted waters, to boldly search for whatever great grapes lie behind the next hill, over the next horizon. Bringing great wines from the Here Be Dragons areas of the wine map. With an extremely shaky captain like Thinus at the helm, this can only be an exciting journey.


Blank Canvas is the personal wine range of husband and wife team, Matt Thomson and Sophie Parker-Thomson. Having completed over fifty back-to-back vintages in both New Zealand and Europe as an award-winning winemaking consultant, Matt together with Sophie felt it was time to create and build a wine brand together, with their first vintage in 2013. Blank Canvas embodies their own expression of art-meets-science with single-vineyard, small batch wines that push the sensory boundaries and challenge winemaking orthodoxy.


Established in 2005 by Peter and Susie Vinding-Diers, Montecarrubo is a small estate situated on the remains of a volcano in Sicily, which exploded around two million years ago (but is still full of energy!). It lies near the town of Melilli with a view over the Ionian Sea and bay of Augusta, between Catania and Siracusa.

Having bought land that was simply grass and stones with pieces of old lava interspersed, they borrowed a huge bulldozer from a good friend. After ripping and ploughing they found two wonderful fields of perfect soil: light sand with fragments of coral reef to the West with deep loamy granulated black subsoil full of oxygen. And to the East, facing the Ionian Sea, a former seabed with fossilised sand. You could call this a paleolithic vineyard.

It all lies on a lime plateau and below this more ancient lava with layers of loess and lime plus the famous coral reef.


The winery started in 1997 with three vineyards in Main Ridge, all ten minutes by tractor apart. Over the past 15 years, Martin and Karen Spedding have added four more vineyards that have a diverse range of microclimates from across the Mornington Peninsula.
This terroir and sense of place, explains everything about their wine. Cool places. Beautiful places. Places that are defined by the wines they make and which can seem like worlds apart: the refinement and vibrant acidity of Wallis; the elegance and poise of McCutcheon; the alluring aromatics and fine structure of Judd; the power and fruit purity of Coolart Road.
Each vineyard is intimately linked to their place. These little differences; in soil, slope, aspects and all the other things that make their vineyards distinct mean that while they may be ten minutes by tractor from each other, they are a world apart.