WELCOME to the BEAT WINES universe, where wine and rock ‘n’ roll come together to dance to a unique beat. More hardcore. More free and easy. More rock ‘n’ roll. HEY! HO! LET’S GO!



Having fun has been part of this adventure from the start. To share the Beat essence, our fabulous events will be paired with a spectacular musical selection you’re guaranteed to love. Wine, fun & rock ‘n’ roll!


We import wines from different parts of the world that represent the maximum expression of each terroir. Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Sicily, South Africa…. Wines that you don't even know exist. That you will not find in any gourmet section or specialized store for wine lovers. We discover you authentic gems that we have personally selected to open your mind to a richer wine culture. More cool. And more authentic.


Each wine has a unique story that speaks to the character of its land and its maker. We are committed to winemakers who take care of their land, who have a fresh vision and create wines with personality that tell the truth about their origin, wines that are expressive, singular, and transport drinkers back to the vineyard with every glass.


We defend respect for the land and the recovery of native varieties to produce quality wines with minimal environmental impact.


Having fun is part of this adventure from the beginning. To share the Beat essence, our fabulous events will be paired with a spectacular musical selection that will not leave you indifferent. Wine, fun & rock 'n' roll!

We are several childhood friends with a passion for wine, gastronomy and music. After countless trips and adventures, we noticed that Spain lacked world wines with magic and personality. Inspired by the mythical Bar Beat in Tomelloso, a unique concert hall that since 1997 has discovered countless rock and roll, soul, pop, beat bands… DJs and underground artists of all styles and corners of the planet; At Beat Wines we are looking for garage winemakers from all over the world, who transmit in their wines the essence and energy of the bands we like: quality, with personality and anti-mainstream. In Spain there was a lack of rock and roll in the bottle from special terroirs beyond its borders. Until now, of course.


Elías López Montero

Passionate winemaker and hardcore traveller. My family has been involved in wine since 1788, so I’m sure a percentage of my blood comes straight from the barrel. I have worked in vineyards in South Africa, I was the first Spanish winemaker to produce wine in the Argentinean Patagonia and, since 2005, I have been running Bodegas y Viñedos VERUM with my family. I travel across four continents every year to discover extraordinary vineyards and wineries and, through BEAT WINES, I want to share that experience with you. I am half of this project and my job is to select those hits that our winemakers are creating in other parts of the world.

Ricardo Alameda

Founder of the Beat Bar in Tomelloso and a passionate music lover by profession. My soundtrack sounds like rythm and blues, pop, soul, psychedelia, jazz, rock & roll … and more! From my passion for music, my countless (and intangible) collection of records and vinyl is born, including a high percentage of first editions, which I began to gather in 1996. A year later, we opened the Beat Bar, where I have had the pleasure of discovering, live, great bands, DJs and all kinds of shows from the underground scene, obtaining the recognition of specialized critics. In this project I am in charge of the musical selection that accompanies the tastings, parties and all kinds of events related to BEAT WINES.

Nuria Moya


Diploma in Tourism, WSET 2 and passionate swimmer since the age of seven. Different awards, medals and records hang in my record. I have lived seven years in Germany, where I started my professional career in catering and event organization. I opened the doors of wine as a restaurant manager in a hotel in Düsseldorf. After two years as hosstess and PR on the Mediterranean coast, I return to Tomelloso where I meet our WINE HUNTER in the BEAT room and I decide to put my experience at the service of a project that excites me: Beat Wines. If we talk about wine and music, I’ll stick with a glass of Garnacha to the rhythm of soul.

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re thirsty to drink up the world. You’re curious and, like us, you’re looking for wines that are anything but ordinary. You want to explore new territories and expand your wine horizons. If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

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